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Call for Service

Check out our Call for Service (push for service) complete solutions, we supply from very simple 1 button stand alone products right through to high end, quality housings, reporting systems for the company that needs  the best there is.

Yacht Push Buttons

service upon a yacht can be very demanding with our call buttons waiters/staff are able to leave clients feeling comfortable knowing service is a push button away.

Butler/Server Recall Buttons

Speed up your staff and keep your customers happy - Allow them to recall staff for more drinks or food at a push of a button, Find out more about our staff recall systems used on yachts, restaurants and many more industry's

Restaurant / Bar Service Buttons

Restaurant Call, Our solution for the regular restaurant can be seen here the difference is often that the presentation does not have to be as high standard when it comes down to service.

Conference Call Buttons

Our Conference Call button System is one of the best in the industry. We cater from simple solutions right to high profile fully customised systems, including elegant designs suitable for the highest level of conference rooms and board rooms.

Lobby Buttons

For Hotels, often there can be problems when a reception desk is left unattended - even for a short time. Our Lobby Call solution is a great way of avoiding those problems - check it out

Fine Dining Service Push Buttons

There is a difference between regular Push for Service and Fine Dining Solutions. Here we highlight the options on offer for this important area of call for service solutions

Other Solutions for Call for Service

There are literally hundreds of industries that can (and do) use our push for service call button, so check out our other products and services, you could very well find products here that suit a specialty requirement that you may have.

Professional Call Buttons

Custom Designed!

We have been manufacturing Push buttons across the UK and Ireland for many years, we supply high end and casual business with our deluxe or custom call buttons. Below are some of the call buttons we have to offer. Don't forget we can customise any call button to your liking...We can even integrate into alarm systems or door bells.

Allow staff to easily be Recalled by waiting customers

Some of the benefits of having a Push for Service System

Better customer service

Create better customer service by allowing your staff provide immediate assistance to you customers.

Improve staff productivity

Staff can easily do other tasks in the work place knowing if customers need assistance they will be paged - this stops staff standing around watching to see if customers need assistance.

Eliminate old communication methods

Staff can often miss hear "ring for service" bells that are often used in hotels or restaurants - Replace the "bell" or any other form of communicating method with our call for service buttons that will page staff when a customer is in need of assistance.

Check out our wooden call buttons

Find out more benefits from each individual product here.

Of course we don't just offer call buttons visit LRSUK  or  to see many other paging solutions we have!


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