Yacht Call Button Systems


Super yacht paging systems are the best call solutions on board available. Guests can pay a lot of money to go on a yacht and for many can be a once in a life time event, so they deserve the great service they have paid for. Allow your guest to feel relaxed knowing assistance is a push of a button away. No guest will be struggling to find and attract staff because as soon as the button is pressed staff instantly make there way to assist.

We understand of course al yachts have different unique decor but our call buttons are completely customizable, Our call buttons can become part of the furniture on your yacht looking and working great!

We have supplied many yachts all over the world here are some of the well known yachts that have our call buttons!

  • Curor Di Leone Yacht
  • Kimberley ll Yacht
  • MY Mustique Yacht
  • Sirocco Yacht
  • MY KIJO Yacht
  • and many more...

Deluxe Call Button 

The slick clean design is perfect for the expectations on yachts! Give your guests the best yacht experience with the custom call buttons.

These custom buttons can be made to fit your decor on the yacht from custom text right down to the material and custom branding. Once this call button is pressed it gives a LED light which again can be coloured to your decor, Once pressed staff instantly receive a discreet page that will inform them where assistance is needed to they can make there way to them straight away.

Improve your staffs performance and boost your customers satisfaction with custom call buttons.

Contact us today to find out the benefits and features of the custom push for service button and how it can improve the communication on your yacht.


Deluxe Emergency Call Buttons

There can be many incidents on board where guests or staff may need first aid assistance or may need to warn other members of the cabin crew. The deluxe XP is available in a range of colours that can suit the inertia design of your yacht.

The emergency yacht call is waterproof and can be used on deck, in cabins and even engine rooms. Customers and staff are able call for emergency help anywhere on the yacht.

Contact us today to find out more information on the Butler XP call button.


Integrated OEM-TX Yacht

The OEM-TX can be integrated into the yachts machines down below in the engine room, If and when there is an error on the machine or the machine stops working a engineer on board will be paged on one of our text pagers showing the error message or if the machine is completely down then the engineer will be sent a page message informing them of that instantly.

The benefit of the OEM-TX board is that it can instantly inform that machines have errors or have stopped working so engineers can fix them right away before any big problems take place.

With 7 dry contacts just one board can connect to 7 machines, this is a perfect solution for engine room call systems.

Please contact us to find out more information about the OEM-TX board for engine rooms on yachts.