Restaurant & Bars Call Button Solutions 

Our Restaurant and Bar Call Systems comprise of the products to the right and utilize some of the most advanced technology in the paging production today. Improve your staffs performance and boost your customers satisfaction with call buttons. Having a call button on each table will give staff the opportunity to deal with more customers and complete other jobs instead of standing around looking to see if customers need anything else.

Many customers don't like that staff constantly ask if they need anything else so this call button stops waiters constantly going over to tables. Customers can now recall staff if they need anything. In restaurants it can become very frustrating for staff and the customers with call for service buttons customers can easily recall a member of staff to there table without trying to get the attention of a waiter.

Custom Wireless waiter call buttons

The black gloss design looks great in high end and casual bars and restaurants.

Staff can easily be recalled to the exact table when customers need assistance for example another drink or more food. Staff are instantly recalled and customers and immediately served.

Increasing your customer satisfaction rate and improving your staffs performance these call buttons are perfect. They look great too.

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Wooden Call Buttons

Custom wooden call buttons available in a glossy wood or leather casing, With customizable text on the top plate you can apply instructions on how to use this call button so your customers are aware its to recall staff whenever they need anything.

When customers try to recall staff they have to get there attention which can be very frustrating. But with the wooden call buttons all customers have to do is press a button it is as simple as that.

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Cylinder Wooden Call Systems

These cylinder custom call buttons are available in a brown wooden gloss or a black wooden gloss casing.

These call buttons look great and can be placed on each table in your bar or restaurant big or small. Customers can instantly recall waiters/staff for assistance with their meal or drinks. Save the frustration that customers go through in most restaurants and let them feel relaxed knowing waiters are a push button away! No more waving or shouting your customers can silently recall staff members easily without disturbing the ambiance or getting frustrated.

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