Manufacturing Service and Emergency Call Buttons


Within the manufacturing industry it can be very dangerous for both staff and visitors on site. It is important that if anything did go wrong on site that you are very prepared. Not only do we offer call for emergency push buttons but we also have a PFS system that can connect to your machines that when there becomes a error it will close the relay and page a member of staff informing them that there is an error on that machine. What's good about this is that it allows your staff to carry on with their jobs creating better work flow and improved staff performance.

The emergency call buttons can be placed any where in the manufacturing warehouses and can be wall mounted or strapped to a pole. In case of an emergency staff can easily press the one or 2 button system and call for immediate help. Its a great call solution for manufacturing and warehouses.

Butler XP

The Butler XP can be used as an emergency PFS button within manufacturing buildings. The robust call button is used mainly for emergency use, but could be used for almost any solution..

The butler XP is the best answer for emergency call systems. Staff can instantly contact first aid if in need of help. The Butler XP that is available as a one button or a two button system once pressed will page first aid staff that will inform them a staff member or visitor is in need of help. Once the staff member has gone to the scene the butler XP has swipe technology that allows staff to swipe the butler xp with the pager that will then cancel the page on all other first aid pagers so the first aid team know the incident has been dealt with.

Its the most durable and robust pfs button on the market, the system can be wall mounted or strapped to a pole which allows easy access. Available in bright colours that will attract the eye.

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OEM-TX Integrated System

The OEM-TX Board can be integrated into your machines so when a machine is down and not working the system will instantly page a member of staff so they can go and check it out. Also if any machines show an error that will also trigger a text page to staff informing them of the error so productivity does not stop.

Our integrated OEM-TX Board can be connected to 7 machines that's one OEM-TX per 7 machines.

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