Hotel Lobby and Reception Call Button Solutions

Reception staff are not always in the lobby or behind the desk so when guests are waiting to check in they can sometimes be waiting there for a long period of time. With push for service lobby call buttons this is not a problem, staff are able to complete other jobs around the hotel without being glued to the reception desk. Guests can now press a push for service button that will immediately page staff informing them to go back to the reception desk where there is people waiting.

The pfs button systems are the most reliable way for guests to recall staff instantly.

Door Bell Staff PFS Call System

Hotels can have a lot of guests coming back to the room late. Most hotels lock the doors at a certain time for security measures. The majority of the time there can not be a member of staff waiting in the lobby every minute of the night. With the integrated door bell system staff are able to proceed with other jobs that need to be done without worrying if anyone is stood at the door waiting for them to open the door.

As soon as the door bell is pressed the worker on duty will have a page that will discreetly vibrate when someone is outside, pressing the door bell.

Not only can we integrate into door bells but also we can create a call button on a open and close basis for example when someone walks into the lobby or when the door is opened staff will be sent a page to let them know guests are waiting in the lobby.

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Wooden or Leather Press for Assistance Box

These PFS devices are perfect for reception call. Guests can easily recall staff no matter where they are located and these designs can fit into any decor perfectly. While these boxes as shown have a wooden or carbon finish, we can supply these boxes in any covering with any coloured face plate and custom designed logos.

Having these PFS push for service buttons in your hotel will improve your staffs performance allowing them to complete other jobs and attend to other guests. When a guest of your hotel needs assistance in the lobby/ reception they can simply press the call button and a staff will immediately make there way to them.

To find our more about these custom design call buttons for hotels then please contact us today and we can give you the advice on products and the benefits and features.