Restaurant Wireless Communication Buttons


Our Fine Dining PFS push for service button systems comprise of the products to the right and use some of the most advanced technology in the paging production today. Naturally, all our products come with our famous 14 day free trial and our new for old warranty. We are the only company that offers new for old exchange under warranty should experience any problems attributable to manufacturing defects and it shows our commitment to our products and customers is second to none. We have a number of technologies which can solve your problem...

Customers can easily recall staff to the table for more drinks or food  any time they please. With our fine dining push for service call buttons are the perfect solution! Instead of constantly pestering customers, customers can now tell you if they need assistance instead of waiter assuming.


Custom PFS Buttons

This slick gloss wooden call button is perfect for fine dining restaurants. It is developed to be small (less than 50mm) and can be available in almost any colour. Suitable for many establishments the top can be of variable materials and engraved with specific wording to suit the needs.

Customers can easily recall waiters when they are ready to order more drinks or food! Enhancing your customer service dramatically. Staff are able to serve on customers immediately by receiving the page on one of LRS staff pagers - the alphanumeric 4 line that can be clipped to your waiters for protection of the pager from dropping if needed.

As soon as the button is pressed staff immediately receive a page that will inform them that the exact table number is waiting to be served. The pfs button is a professional way for customers to communicate with staff.

Boost the customer satisfaction in your fine dining restaurant with LRS Custom wooden pfs buttons, A glossy finish gives the system a professional finish.


Brown Wooden PFS Button

A cylinder push for service button great for fine dining located on the tables customers can easily recall staff when they need to order or get another drink, This call system not only save staff from "wondering" around the restaurant waiting for customers to signal them but also saves customers getting frustrated when a waiter can not see them waiting. Enhancing customer service and improving staffs performance this call button is perfect!





Telephone Push For Service Button

A custom Design that is a very popular demand! The custom push for service button can be placed on a table allowing customers to press the button in the middle for service.

Our pfs button has been integrated into this real telephone that when pressed will page staff to let them know that customers are in need of service. This call button looks great and not only can our call buttons be integrated into phones but anything you like! You can completely customise your call button in to anything!

Stylish and NEW the great call button is perfect for all Dining restaurants across the UK and Ireland.