Push For Staff Recall


Our Conference PFS Systems comprise of the products to the right and utilize some of the most advanced technology in paging production today. Naturally, all our products come with our famous 14 day free trial and our new for old warranty. We are the only company that offers new for old exchange under warranty should you experience any problems attributable to manufacturing defects and it shows our commitment to our products and customers is second to none

Recall staff immediately into the meeting room without any disturbing what's going on. These PFS push for service buttons are perfect for any scenario.

  • Recalling waiters for snacks and beverages without leaving the room and disturbing the meeting
  • Recall a assistant
  • Recall another team member
  • and much more!

Meetings can be very important and nothing should be missed or interrupted this is why call buttons are the PERFECT solution. Placed on a table top your clients/staff can silently press the button to recall other staff members!

Deluxe PFS Button for meeting rooms.

Top of the range simple deluxe push for service button available for all conference/meeting rooms across the UK and Ireland. This customisable unit is available in hundreds of colours. The top portion can be different materials and different colours and include custom engraving to suit and fit in to any decor.

This PFS button can be places on the table allowing any member of staff to easily press the call button that will instantly page another member of staff discreetly.

This professional looking pfs button is the popular push for service button used in conference and meeting rooms, the slick and professional design looks and works great.

Contact us to find our more about the professional call button used in conference and meeting rooms allover the UK.


Wooden or Leather Call Button Box

These wooden PFS push for service boxes are available in wood or leather giving it that professional finish.

The pfs buttons look great and work perfectly within meeting and conference rooms, Easily recall staff at any time without leaving the room.

These custom designs call buttons can have custom text written on the solver or gold plate where the button is located.

Contact us for more on our call button wooden boxes.




Cylinder LED PFS buttons

The stylish call buttons are perfect for meeting/conference rooms.

Clients and staff can press the push for service button at any given time with no worry of disturbing the meeting/conference, other staff members on duty will receive a discreet page informing them that assistance is needed in the specific meeting room.

These buttons are available in a glossy black and wooden brown, Both very fitting to any inertia design.

Please contact us to find out more information on the Cylinder LED call buttons.