Cinema Push For Service Button Systems


Cinema PFS call for service systems can be used for when people in the cinema room need assistance. Staff can easily be called for more drinks, food or emergency assistance in the cinema room. With LRS call buttons once pressed it sends an immediate page to a member of staff.

Cinemas are dark and often loud so push for service buttons are the perfect solution; give your customers a theatre experience with waiter service whenever a customer presses the call button. Its a great solution for all cinemas across the UK and Ireland. The cinema PFS systems are the best on the market with reliable and instant recall your customers can relax. Boost your staffs performance, sales and improve your customers satisfaction easily with LRS PFS buttons.

You can trial all our call buttons for free on our 14 DAY FREE TRIAL. Test the system and see for yourself how good and beneficial our cinema call buttons are in just 14 days you will be able to see an improvement on your staff and customer feedbacks.

Butler XP Emergency PFS Buttons

Emergency PFS buttons for cinemas. More than often staff don't stand in the cinema room so how would they know if something was to go badly wrong? they wouldn't. Our call button allows guests in the cinema to press it if in need of immediate help, the call button when pressed will page a member of the relevant staff to inform them help is needed.

The push button is available as a one or two button system and can be wall mounted where suitable.

Please contact us for more information on the Butler XP and this how this emergency call button can improve response times.


Tall Wooden PFS Buttons

Wooden push for service buttons can be placed by each chair in the cinema and will allow customers to easily recall a staff member for more drinks/food or general assistance. Nothing is more annoying then when people keep leaving and coming back into the cinema so now its possible to reduce this problem with our PFS buttons and let your guests relax while watching the film.

Not only do they work great but they also look great too with a LED light when pressed if required and a glossy finish these  buttons are perfect, of course you don't have to have the colour of LED shown in the image you can pick and customise it to your own colour and incorporate your branding.

Please contact us today to find out more information on these wooden cinema pfs buttons that will improve staff performance and give you great customer feedback.