Casino Waiter Call Button Systems


Our Casino Push for service button Systems are the perfect solutions for communication problems within the casino. If customers need another drink or assistance they can easily recall staff to the table without leaving and disturbing the game! The button can be placed on a table in reach of all customers playing; by having these call buttons in a casino environment customers will spend more time at the table because they will no longer have to keep walking to the bar and "folding" on tables.

Custom Call Buttons

The custom design PFS call buttons are a flawless solutions for communication problems within the casino. A original slick design customers can now recall staff/waiters whenever they need assistance. Available in ANY colour and with the ability for engraving. Also available in natural wood.

Staff managing these call buttons will wear a LRS staff pager that will page immediately after the call button is pressed, Giving staff the chance to serve on customers enhancing their performance and improving customer satisfaction.

Please contact us to find out more about this deluxe call button and how they can improve your staffs performance and boost the satisfaction!


Cylinder style Wooden Push for Service Call Buttons 

These wooden call buttons look great! With a LED light finish the call buttons will fit well in the casino.

A one touch PFS button so that customers playing on tables can easily contact staff without disturbing the ambiance.

Push for service buttons are vital in a casino, allow your customers to recall staff even if they are playing a table they can discreetly recall staff immediately without disturbing any other player. Staff will have a silent pager that will page whenever a call button is pressed! You can even assign certain pagers and staff to certain call buttons and areas.

The simple system is flawless and works perfectly in casinos!

Available is a gloss black finish for a classic wooden finish.

Please contact us today to find out more about this cylinder style wooden push for service buttons and how they can improve your casino.


Custom Wooden Call Buttons

The custom wooden PFS push for service buttons have the perfect look for casinos and work great too. Let your staff be better at customer service and let your customers relax and enjoy their table knowing a beverage or assistance is one press away.

On the wooden box custom text is available to ensure that customers know what the button is for also it does not have to be wooden! We have recently started to do custom leather versions of this call buttons box which has been a popular demand in the casino industry.

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