Arena Emergency Push Buttons Systems 


Our Arena Push for Service PFS Call Systems comprise of the products to the right and utilize some of the most advanced technology in the paging production today. Naturally, all our products come with our famous 14 day free trial and our new for old warranty.

We are the only company that offers new for old exchange under warranty should experience any problems attributable to manufacturing defects and it shows our commitment to our products and customers is second to none. We have a number of technologies which can solve your problem

In arenas there is a lot of risk of the public getting hurt whether its when people are pushing getting into concerts or it could be a scenario where a fight has started and security need to be alerted what ever it is these push for service and call buttons are perfect for Arenas and Stadiums.

We offer emergency PFS call buttons and staff recall solutions for Arenas. The emergency call for help button is perfect for large arenas where threat levels can be high and staff can be on edge. Emergency's call buttons can immediately page staff no matter where in the building they are informing them there is an emergency. Our system has swipe technology that allows staff to swipe there pager over the call button that will cancel the page if not serious or mistakenly pressed which will stop other staff making there way to that point.

The best and the most reliable Health and Safety system available on the market! Please get in touch with us today to find out about the Emergency PFS button solutions we have to offer.

Butler XP

The butler XP can be used as an emergency push for service system solution. Customers and staff/stewards can use this call for service emergency call button.

In case of an accident these push buttons can be located in different areas of the arena and when pressed it sends immediate help to the exact area for attention.

These push for service buttons are robust, fast and simple and can certainly help staff and the public. As soon as the yellow button  located just below center is pressed it will send a page to security or first aid that will be cleared when that member of staff swipes the Butler XP to cancel the page that was sent to other staff so they know the job has been handled.

The best and most reliable H&S emergency PFS call button in the industry, it can be mounted to walls, poles or desks.

Please contact us now for more details about the Butler XP and how it can help your customers and staff -