Push For Service Button System Solutions


Long Range Systems UK have many ush for service buttons solutions for all industries across the UK and Ireland. We have emergency Push for service buttons to fine dining  buttons all of which can suit your high end or casual business.

Customers are able to instantly recall staff whenever they are in need of another beverage, more food, general assistance or emergency SOS with LRS PFS push for service buttons. Of course we offer standard buttons but we also offer custom buttons that can be designed for you that can fit into your custom designed environment. We also offer push for service buttons that are integrated for example we can integrate our LRS buttons into fire alarms or door bells, its the perfect solution for all communication problems.

Our push buttons are a popular demand across the UK and Ireland proving to be a real success. By customers using these buttons especially in restaurants or bars it can create more income, customers wont get frustrated while waiting to get the waiters attention because service is a push for service button press away and service is almost instant when the button is pressed on the call button. Its the great solutions for busy bars, restaurants and even cinemas.

Where PFS buttons can be used?

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Custom Push For Service Button

These custom buttons are perfect solution for recalling staff/waiters and is used in many industries. Instantly paging staff when the button is pressed customers/clients can be seen to immediately decreasing the frustration that customers can sometimes have. Enhance your staffs performance and boost customers satisfaction.

They are available in all colours - the perfect finish to this PFS button and it looks great in any style - suitable for high end and casual business.

Where can the wooden push for service button be used?

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Butler XP Emergency PFS Buttons

The emergency push button is perfect for Manufacturing, Casinos and more where staff or customers may need URGENT assistance. Available as a 1 or 2 button system the robust button will page first aid or security immediately after pressed.

With swipe technology when a first aider or security member gets to the button they can swipe there pager over the button which will then tell other members of staff that it is being dealt with.

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Custom Wooden Push For Service Button

Wooden PFS Buttons are the perfect table top call buttons used in many industries from restaurants to conference/meeting room.

Available as a wooden box or leather (and even carbon finish) thee PFS custom buttons look and work incredibly well.

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Custom Cylinder Recall Buttons

A wooden gloss or a black gloss with LED light when the button is pressed.

A perfect solution for staff call...Let your customers sit back and relax in your restaurant or even on your yacht knowing that assistance is a push of a button away. Unique PFS push for service buttons.

Staff have a pager and they will be paged as soon as a customer/guest presses the PFS button.

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Pronto Push for Service

Perfect for retail the pronto call button is available as a 1 or 6 button system so customers can press the button that they need assistance.

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Door Bell Integrated Push Button

Door bell integrated call button, Perfect for hotel lobby's when guests are coming back to the hotel late at night the door bell can be pressed that will send a page to a member of staff informing them that someone is at the door. Allowing staff to do other jobs while away from the reception desk without leaving any customers frustrated.

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